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Divye Precise Engineering's Quality Policy is to assess, agree on, and adhere to our client's wishes and standards and meet ISO 9001:2015 and regulatory law specifications. 


Divye Precise Engineering acknowledges that to stay competitive and deliver high-quality components in the sheet metal industry, the company must incorporate management processes that constantly enhance the quality of our products and services, which will result in improved customer, employee, and supplier satisfaction.


The key objectives of Divye Precise Engineering are that the Quality Management System provides:

  • Confidence of our Clients that their requirements for quality and safety are being achieved in the delivered product or service.

  • Confidence of our management and staff that the requirements for quality are being fulfilled and maintained.

  • Establish quality objectives with measurable targets to ensure continual improvement.

  • Conform to ISO 9001 2015 Quality Management Systems, and Manufacturing Standards.

  • Follow up on products and services provided to ensure customer satisfaction is met and exceeded.

  • Continually improve our Quality Management System.

We recognize that our employees' morale is based on their preparation and knowledge of the activities they are supposed to complete. The Quality Policy is articulated and recognized at sufficient levels within the organization as part of our continuous training program.

Our Excellence In R&D

The Research and Development Lab at Divye Precise Engineering mainly serves to assist your business with product and process development, new product manufacturing, processing, and quality improvements based on team suggestion policy. Under the efficient leadership of Mr. Chander Kant Ahuja, the team is headed by Mr. Divyansh Ahuja's outstanding vision.


Our highly skilled and experienced team focuses on producing quality sheet metal components to customer satisfaction. Our highly trained and professional staff is dedicated to providing high-quality sheet metal components that meets or exceeds customer expectations.  We allow our employees to take action based on their suggestions through regular Kaizen activities.


We've created products and designs that are both reliable and flexible. We also invest in advanced manufacturing systems to incorporate the most recent technologies into our products.


Digital Vernier Caliper

Video Measuring Machine

Height Gauge

torque tester 1.jpg

Torque Tester

Hardness Tester


Slip Gauges

Thread Gauge

Plating Thickness Tester

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